We will help with insurance

We predetermine for major work, so you will know what your dental insurance plan will reimburse you off the cost of treatment.

Written estimates

We provide you with a written estimate of fees for major dental work before you even decide to embark in. We will also provide you with estimates for routine treatments or hygiene appointments, at your request.

Affordable dental care

We coordinate insurance with treatment, when possible, and help our patients maximize any insurance benefits they have.

We make every effort to keep dental care affordable. It should be noted that dental insurances are designed to defray the costs of dental care by paying only a portion or percentage of the bill. Of course, it is the patient’s responsibility to communicate with their benefit provider and their employer regarding premiums and coverage. Here in our Centrepointe dental office it is our responsibility to make recommendations for what we feel is the best treatment for our patients, NOT recommending treatment based on benefits or insurance limitations.

Insurance forms

We take the time to fill insurance forms for our patients, but it is the patient’s responsibility to pay after the treatment.